Culture of Bellary

Culture of BellaryBellary is a colorful blend of traditionalism and modernization. It is a land with different religions, languages, culture and festivals. It shows the true color of India. It is a land of diversity where people from different parts come to bask in the mesmerizing splendor of the past and the charming city-life. Destruction and development, both are prominent features of this town. It attracts lot many of travel enthusiasts to feel the existence of life out of a destroyed, ravaged land. The city depicts the survival story. It is no longer under the clutches of illiteracy and ignorance. The light of education has enlightened the lives of the people. They know how to live together, die together.

Religious Life and Faith in Bellary

People of this historic land are basically pious. They have utmost belief in devotion and sacrifices. Religion and existence are two inter-linked words for them. Many gods and goddesses are worshipped in this religious abode. Lord Shiva is considered as the Supreme power and a famous festival is celebrated in the Balleswhwara Temple. Fares are also organized to spread the feeling of devotion among the inhabitants of the land. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others live peacefully.

Art and Crafts –  The Creative Side

The wonderful utilization of materials in making beautiful and innovative things shows the creative side of the Bellarians. They are talented artisans and craftsmen offering different varieties of art-pieces with amazing color, texture and finish. Wooden carvings are quite common in this historic city. Ivory carving and doll making are also popular.

Dance and Music – The Fodder for Life

Travelers get enthralled to experience the soothing classical music and wonderful mudras of the dancers amidst the beautiful nature of Bellary. The Vijaya Utsava is the festival that includes almost all the traditional dance forms. These are performed to celebrate the victory.

People of Bellary belong to the culturally rich community. Folk Dances connect you right to the root of existences. This is also true in case of this town. Different types of folk dances are performed by the dance-enthusiasts to make people realize their deep-connection with the past and their faith on the almighty. Dollu Kunitha, Veeragese, Nandikolu Kunitha, Jodu  Halige are some of the popular folk-dances performed by the locals, especially hailing from the rural areas. Nandikolu Kunitha is a dance performed by the male devotee of Lord Shiva.

People love to indulge in different types of cultural activities and programs. They have great taste for Hindustani Classical music.

Costumes of Bellary– To Enhance the Beauty

Dresses wore by the locals show their simplicity. Elder men wear dhotis that are managed in the form of ‘katche’. ‘Angavastra’, a type of shirt is also used to cover the upper part of the body. Kuppasa and sari are quite common among the women. Girls wear different types of outfits. They also try modern outfits like jeans, tops and jackets. The passion for ornaments is quite common among all the female communities of the world. The city is not an exception. Ladies love ornaments of different types. Gold ornaments add to the beauty of the ladies. However, they prefer light and fine jewelries that can suit their simplicity and beauty. Gold ornaments like nose studs, earrings, bangles, rings, necklaces are used by women to enhance their beauty and charm. Costumes of cotton are preferred by the people. Many branded and unbranded dresses are available. Jeans of different varieties are common in the reputed shops of the city.

Cuisines in Bellary

Jowar is the staple food of the Bellarians. Rice is another important food eaten by most of the upper and middle class. Ragi is also added in their platter and ‘Ragi Mudde’ is quite popular.

Languages in Bellary

Blend of different languages shows the secular side of the land. Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and English are spoken by the people of the region. However, Kannada is the principal language spoken by most of the locals in the city.

Festivals in Bellary

Cultural Life of BellaryIn addition to other Indian festivals and events, the city drowns in the pool of enjoyment while celebrating the Vijaya Utsava, a very popular festival of Hampi. Mallara festival is celebrated with equal pomp and glory. This festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva. People from different parts of the country visit this land to feel the joy and charm. It is celebrated during February - March. Ganesh Chaturthi, Ramzan, Durga Puja, Dassera, Uggadi, Janmasthami, Diwali are some other festivals that are celebrated with equal zeal.
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